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Part I: Deconstructing the Agile Manifesto to Make Better Barbecue

The first of a series where guest Derek Lane deconstructs the Agile Manifesto and applies its lessons to making better barbecue. In this episode, you'll hear how his journey as a continuous learner helped him pursue and map together both passions.

Podcast: Unlimited Agility

The Agile Manifesto is often thought of as a historical event or document, but Derek Lane is hoping to redefine how it’s introduced and revisited because the principles are time- and battle-tested in how it brings value to people. As 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, Lane and fellow colleagues have formed a community, Unlimited Agility, where you won’t find answers, but you will find like-minded individuals to challenge your beliefs and help you grow in your thinking and your work.

Part III: Bridging the Gap Between the Art & Science of Data Analytics

In the final episode of this three-part series, Jacey Heuer returns to continue the conversation on Data Science and how it needs both a scientific and artful approach.

Part II: The Artistry Required for Data Science Wins

In the second episode of this three-part series, Jacey Heuer helps us dive into the evolving roles and responsibilities of data science. We explore how individuals and organizations can nurture how data is purposefully used and valued within the company.

Part I: Vulnerable Storytelling to Advance Data Science

You wouldn’t think a data scientist would tout vulnerability and storytelling as requirements for success, but that is exactly what Jacey Heuer has learned across multiple industries and projects that have failed and succeeded. In the first of this three-part series, Heuer shares that “what you think you know today should change tomorrow because you’re always discovering something more.”

A True Process for Leading

Todd Dunsirn reflects on his journey building True Process, a medical software engineering company known for building a platform that integrates biomedical devices and captures clinical data. His most valuable lessons don’t touch on the technological aspects, but the human side of it all.

The Makings of a Great Agile Coach

Damon Poole shares how coaching does help teams move faster and the qualities great coaches embody. For those interested in Agile and embracing its principles, Damon provides insight on how you can make a case for it with your teams and strengthen your professional (and personal) relationships.

Future Proof End-to-End Encryption and Data Security

In this episode, Matthew talks with Paul Clayson of Agile PQ, who as a young farmboy couldn’t wait to leave the cattle ranch in Idaho to find easier work. He’s fondly missing those days after more than 20 years in the startup world. Early in his career, he learned you only get one shot, so you better develop a winning strategy and stick to it. He and the AgilePQ team have developed a winning strategy and solution for today’s computing power (and tomorrow’s quantum one) with lightweight end-to-end encryption that can fit on IoT devices. Businesses who succeed will leverage the power of connected things while protecting their number one asset – data.

Success in Tech Entrepreneurship is One Tap Away

Jesse O’Neill-Oine is a multi-time tech entrepreneur and one of the original co-founders of SmartThings, a company purchased and now run by Samsung. In this episode, he discusses what he’s learned about himself on his journey in solving problems through technology and his most recent endeavor, One Tap Away – a next-generation platform aimed at bringing “contactless” access to amenities at multifamily properties.

Part VI: Providing the Right Care at the Right Time with In Motion Care

In the sixth episode of this series, Andrew Guillemette and Mark Heston of In Motion Care join Matthew D. Edwards to discuss how their startup is tackling the surmounting challenges of 34 million additional baby boomers retiring in 2025 by streamlining the burden of data collection and securely sharing that information with caregivers, care facilities and the families.

Part V: The Pursuit of Humane Technology in Health Care

Matthew D Edwards and Brent Willett, President of the Iowa Health Care Association, discuss opportunities for humane technology to improve care and increase interaction with caregivers and family for patients in long-term care.

Part IV: Enabling Home Care Services with Technology

In the fourth episode of this series, Matthew D Edwards and Mark Goetz, President of The HomeCare Advocacy Network, discuss how technology plays a role in empowering seniors to age in their homes.

Part III: The Future of Technology in Home Care Services

In the third episode of our series, Enabling Better Health Care & Senior Care Outcomes with Technology, Matthew D Edwards and Jeff Huber, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care, discuss how the traditional business model must adapt and evolve in the face of three megatrends in the senior care industry.

Part II: Putting Together Information Security and Privacy Plans That Matter

In the second episode of our series, Enabling Better Health Care & Senior Care Outcomes with Technology, Nathan Gibson, Chief Security Architect and Director of Enterprise Security Architecture at Allstate, and Rebecca Herold, CEO of The Privacy Professor and Privacy Security Brainiacs, help explore the role and value of whole organization information security and privacy plans in the health care and senior living industries.

Part I: IoT Devices, Data, and Exploitation

In the first episode of our series, Enabling Better Health Care & Senior Care Outcomes with Technology, Nicholas Starke and Xavier Johnson join Matthew D Edwards and focus on how to enable more autonomous living opportunities for seniors. They'll address critical factors when purchasing monitoring devices, securely storing, moving, and using the collected data that is exponentially accumulating, and how to mitigate the exploitation of these systems.

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