The Makings of a Great Agile Coach

Damon Poole shares how coaching does help teams move faster and the qualities great coaches embody. For those interested in Agile and embracing its principles, Damon provides insight on how you can make a case for it with your teams and strengthen your professional (and personal) relationships.
Show Highlights

In this episode, I visit with Damon Poole, who has provided Agile coaching to countless people at some very recognizable companies. He opened up about his journey in Agile, as well as what led up to publishing, “Professional Coaching for Agilists: Accelerating Agile Adoption,” with Gillian Lee (available at InformIT as well as other places you’d expect).

Key Takeaways
  • Effective coaching helps people move forward when they are stuck. 
  • Teams who are coached do move faster.
  • Great coaches have qualities that make for great humans. No one embodies all of them, but you work on building better relationships on your teams and in your personal life.
If you are interested in applying both agile and coaching principles, consider reading the book. Preview sample content on InformIT.

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