Part II: Deconstructing the Agile Manifesto to Make Better Barbecue

Guest Derek Lane deconstructs the Agile Manifesto and applies its lessons to making better barbecue. In this episode, they discuss the Agile Manifesto and the four value pairs.
In this episode, Derek Lane and Matthew D Edwards dive into the Agile Manifesto word-by-word to help software developers and engineers bring more value to clients but also, become better barbecue pitmasters.

Key Takeaways
  • They are both “people sports.” Barbecue and software are meant for someone to enjoy it.
  • Mastery and knowledge wins over equipment every time.
  • Get the fundamentals down before scaling. However, you don’t have to understand all the fundamentals to make progress.
  • Be ready for the things that will get in the way before you even start. 
  • The best recipes (comprehensive documentation) adapt to what you have on hand.
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